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To offset the stress of working and school, entertainment is a vital aspect of home life and this property dedicates most of the expansive lower level to this. The fun begins with a versatile room that can accommodate full-sized billiards or table tennis tables to provide friendly competition between family members and friends, alongside an area that could be used for a gym for a more challenging workout.

For lighter entertainment, sink into the plush leather recliners in the all-important home theatre where the ceiling has been painted with a galaxy motif and lights emit an ethereal blue sky glow to intensify the atmosphere. A state-of-the-art oversized Grandview screen will provide cutting-edge visuals while a built-in surround sound system and insulated walls heighten the acoustics making for a first-rate cinema experience right here within the home itself.

Adults will enjoy the beautifully-crafted wet bar that not only provides aesthetic appreciation but offers functionality with its built-in sink and wrap-around marble serving counter (also perfect for snacks while high-stakes billiards is being played). Behind it, an exquisitely constructed wine cellar is a feast for the eyes where the temperature-controlled climate ensures all bottles laid down will be perfectly preserved for future enjoyment and select bottles can be more prominently displayed.